About Babies in Tow


Something different to do with your baby while on maternity leave...

I created Babies in Tow to connect the Vancouver new parent community through events that wouldn't normally be accessible with babies in tow, such as talks and live music.

My husband and I moved to Vancouver when I was 33 weeks pregnant from London, England.  I didn't have any family or friends in Vancouver, so the new parent community meant everything to me while on maternity leave. 

Bonding with other new moms happened quickly, as we all adjusted to our "new" lives and identities (and I was desperate to find friends:).  We leaned on each other in moments of uncertainty (many late night texts) and laughed or cried over the unexpected experiences that come with a newborn! 

I got the entrepreneurial bug while on maternity leave, finding new inspiration and creativity with my son by my side. 

Finding things to do with a baby was harder than I had expected (especially when it rained). Most interesting events were in the evenings or not baby-friendly. I wondered if it was possible to have baby-friendly events that were also thought-provoking, fun, and social for parents. These thoughts led to the creation of Babies in Tow.  

I hope Babies in Tow gives you and your baby unique "getting out of the house" opportunities that you might have not been able to do before and that you meet supportive new friends along the way.

Have ideas for baby-friendly events?

I'd love to help organize your ideal baby-friendly class, workshop or other event.  

Have a goal you'd like to accomplish while on maternity or paternity leave but struggling to figure out how to make it work with your baby by your side?

Learn a language, how to play an instrument, take an online course while on maternity/paternity leave! 

Please get in touch, and I can try to help!  phoebe@babiesintow.com

Seeking speakers, performers, & teachers!

Babies in Tow is looking for our next guest speaker, performer or teacher!  I'd love to hear from you - phoebe@babiesintow.com

It is a great way to present or perform during weekdays to a friendly audience.  The topic does not have to be baby-related, in fact, we are excited to think about something other than our babies! 

Moms and dads are a welcoming audience, interested to learn something new, open-minded, and happy to socialize. Plus the babies are very cute!